Faculty - Psychology

Dr Alex Forsythe

Alex Forsythe

Alex is Director of Studies for the online Psychology programmes at the University of Liverpool. She is a chartered scientist and a chartered organizational psychologist. Her teaching specialisms include Organizational Psychology, Psychometrics Intelligence and Abilities and Cognition.

Alex has a special interest in the Psychology of visual design, and received her PhD from Queen’s University Belfast in the study of visual complexity. She has continued to build on a theory of complexity through its impact on our interaction with very small objects (e.g. symbols) and very large objects (e.g. architecture). She is also interested in the understanding, appreciation and hedonistic experiences afforded by art.

Alex has been published in a wide variety of peer-reviewed journals such as The British Journal of Psychology, Visual Literacy and Behaviour Research methods. Her work has also been featured in The British Psychological Societies publication The Psychologist, and the science and technology magazine The New Scientist.

Sue Jones

Sue Jones

Sue is Academic Director for the online Health and Psychology programmes at the University of Liverpool. She originally trained as a Speech and Language Therapist upon completing a first degree in Psychology. Her initial ground-breaking research resulted in a new approach to working with adults with severe communication difficulties (Intecom, 1990). After working in the NHS for 5 years, Sue was invited to take part in the NHS General Management Training Scheme, and from there progressed to work as an NHS Director in the North West of England, assessing health needs and commissioning health services with a particular focus on primary care.

In 1998 she completed a master’s in Public Health at the University of Liverpool and has recently has completed a second master’s in Occupational Psychology. She is currently working on a variety of public health and psychology projects as an independent consultant, complementing her role at Liverpool.

She says, "Teaching and learning for the University of Liverpool is a continual source of ideas, reflection and personal growth. Directing the online Health & Psychology programmes is a real privilege, providing a rich experience through working with an international team of teachers and a diverse set of students in programmes that are constantly developing and improving."

Dr Jill Wiseberg

Jill Wiseberg

Jill Wiseberg is Programme Director for the online Psychology programmes and Clinical Research. She has been in the field for over 20 years, working in both Public Health and Psychology, always with a focus in Clinical Research. She studied at Boston University and New York University, and worked in Cancer Research at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, as well as the University of Miami, before joining the University of Liverpool/Laureate Education in 2007. Her primary area of research is Cancer Epidemiology and she continues to pursue her research interests with the University of Liverpool.

She says, “The most exciting aspect of this role is having the opportunity to work with both students and faculty from all over the world. Being part of a team that is dedicated to having a positive impact on the lives of others is the extremely rewarding. It is not just the individual responsibility we have as educators and leaders in the field, but also the social responsibility of ensuring that our students have a desire to share their knowledge with the world, to bring their knowledge and skills back to their countries of origin.”