Faculty - Psychology

Dr Alex Forsythe

Alex Forsythe

Alex is Director of Studies for the online Psychology programmes at the University of Liverpool. She is a chartered scientist and a chartered organizational psychologist. Her teaching specialisms include Organizational Psychology, Psychometrics Intelligence and Abilities and Cognition.

Alex has a special interest in the Psychology of visual design, and received her PhD from Queen’s University Belfast in the study of visual complexity. She has continued to build on a theory of complexity through its impact on our interaction with very small objects (e.g. symbols) and very large objects (e.g. architecture). She is also interested in the understanding, appreciation and hedonistic experiences afforded by art.

Alex has been published in a wide variety of peer-reviewed journals such as The British Journal of Psychology, Visual Literacy and Behaviour Research methods. Her work has also been featured in The British Psychological Societies publication The Psychologist, and the science and technology magazine The New Scientist.