Online Degree: Master of Public Administration

Programme Outline

The 100% online Master of Public Administration (MPA) from the University of Liverpool is designed for professionals in the public and non-profit sectors who want to manage or contribute to social change around the globe. International in flavour, this online masters degree programme encourages students to compare and question accepted public administration models, to explore global topics like crime and clean water and to find out what works best in their own local environment.

Integrating their learning through critical thinking, reflection and practical application, students should emerge ready to create and contribute to innovative policies that positively impact the people they serve.

Online masters in public administration key benefits

The benefits of this MPA programme from the University of Liverpool include:

  • A challenging, comparative approach that is relevant wherever you are in the world
  • A strong focus on leadership and on the key impact that frontline public servants have on policy
  • 100% online assessment, no travelling to campus
  • Exploration of global topics as they relate to your own local environment
  • Collaborative online learning with other professionals in your field and the opportunity to build your international network
  • The flexibility to fit your studies around your working life
  • Practice-based learning and knowledge and skills that you can apply immediately

A centre of excellence

The Master of Public Administration programme is offered by the University of Liverpool Management School, a leading centre of excellence for management training, education and research, and part of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. MPA students will also benefit from the programme’s close association with the Heseltine Institute for Public Policy & Practice. The Institute brings together experts from across the University to explore complex social problems.

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